Challenge Rooms Truro

A Matter of Thyme
2-8 people

You are a team of architects, brought in to redesign the  basement of No.18 Lemon Street . The last date of documented use was in the mid 1950’s. On entering the back door of the property, you inadvertently cross paths with a woman. She hurriedly introduces herself as Hilda the Housekeeper before disappearing out of sight. It’s only a matter of thyme before you discover a different reality and a twist that you would never have foreseen in a million years…

Death by Prescription
(2-7 people)

It’s September 1942. There have been several mysterious disappearances in the Truro area lately. Nobody knows who to trust but surely Dr Sebastian Herbert of the Lemon Street Practice is beyond reproach? You’ve a nasty cough that won’t shift and have an appointment at his evening surgery with the hope that he’ll give you a prescription that helps…

The Nocturnal Alchemist
(2-6 people)

Your old friend and colleague Murphy Vhadyris needs your help. Every night he turns into a super villain known as the Green Giggler wreaking havoc on the streets of Cornwall except this time he hasn’t transformed back.

You must retrieve his latest attempt at an antidote from somewhere in his laboratory otherwise the authorities will hunt him down. You can’t risk being in his lab for more than 60 minutes otherwise you will suffer the same terrible fate and be genetically mutated forever….